Streetlight Manifesto to Label: "Fuck Victory Records"

Streetlight Manifesto to Label: 'Fuck Victory Records'
Pseudo-hardcore label Victory Records has a longstanding history of stirring up trouble in the biz, enough so that the label even drew the ire of Matador Records last August. The latest to turn on the label, however, is its own ska group, Streetlight Manifesto, who recently took to their MySpace blog to urge fans not to support the imprint.

 In a post called "DO NOT SUPPORT VICTORY RECORDS," the band wrote:

If you want to support Streetlight Manifesto by buying a CD, shirt, hoodie, poster, etc etc, PLEASE do not buy anything from Victory Records or their website. Use our online store or come out to a show and support the band by buying merch there. We cannot condone or agree with the actions or ethics of our record label, nor do we want to support them financially through revenue made under the guise of helping Streetlight. Hey douchebag lawyers: This is not libel or slander. We're just letting our fans know how best to support the band if they should choose to do so by buying stuff. That is all.

They quickly followed it up with "Fuck Victory some more!", which reads:

As a bonus, let's play "GUESS THAT QUOTE"!!!1! Here it is: "I absolutely believe that allowing people to cherry-pick the tracks they want from each album cannibalizes full-length album sales and is ultimately detrimental to the artists who created the music. It is important for people to experience the entire album. Not just a track(s)."

You probably guessed it, so we'll just go ahead and give you your prize: Another full, high quality mp3 from our new record! Apparently, Victory chose this as our first single for us, which we found out by seeing it iTunes. Awesome! Thanks guys!~

As of yet, Victory Records has not commented on the increasingly ugly situation, and the details are still a little unclear, but this is just one of many times that a band on Victory have lashed out at the label. No matter what the case may be, Streetlight Manifesto's new album, 99 Songs of Revolution, is out today (March 16).