Todd Terje "Alfonso Muskedunder" (video)

Todd Terje 'Alfonso Muskedunder' (video)
Norwegian nu-disco eccentric Todd Terje is bringing some attention back to last year's It's Album Time with a wild animated video for "Alfonso Muskedunder." It stars, among other things, a pesky bee, a singing fish monster and the mustachioed solo artist himself. 

As you'll see down below, Espen Friberg's video is modelled after Bendik Kaltenborn's caricature-style album artwork, with the artist also animating the clip. While it finds Terje playing the piano and heading off on calming cloud rides, we also see cameos from an odd assortment of poochie Pavarottis, conceptual jump rope artists, Parisian twins and more.

The newly released Alfonso Muskedunder Remixed adds interpretations of the cut from Deetron, Bullion and Mungolian Jetset. You'll find a stream of the EP beneath the video.