Todd Terje "Johnny and Mary" (ft. Bryan Ferry) (video)

Todd Terje 'Johnny and Mary' (ft. Bryan Ferry) (video)
Todd Terje and Bryan Ferry are revisiting their 2014 cover of Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary," having just unveiled a ruminative new music video. You can catch the visual think piece online now.

Directed by Brantley Gutierrez for Nowness, the black and white clip stars model Eliza Cummings and Ferry, as well as a charming pooch. Cummings is seen clothing herself in the a.m., going for a nature walk and then hopping into a convertible to ride beneath the neon glow of downtown L.A. Ferry's day is spent penning letters, tapping typewriters and electric pianos, and gazing longingly at a hillside landscape.

You'll find the vid, scored by Ferry and Terje's elegant slice of synthesized sentimentality, down below.