Tomahawk "South Paw" (video)

Tomahawk 'South Paw' (video)
At one point in Tomahawk's Oddfellows track "South Paw," Mike Patton notes "You rub me the wrong way." Despite your opinions on puppetry, the overall creepiness of the handwork present in the song's new video certainly brings new meaning to the lyric.

The now felt quartet crash their way through the rock track on a tiny stage, shaking their tiny locks beneath the glow of stage lights. While the Patton puppet looks somewhat like the IRL vocalist, the band apparently now features an adorable bunny on bass, and a Muppet-infringing chef behind the drum kit. There's also some nudity to be seen, at least in the form of bare hands banging without the group members.

The track fits Tomahawk's overall weirdness like a glove, and you can see for yourself down below.