Watch Neil Young Play "Homegrown" Live from a Chicken Coop

Watch Neil Young Play 'Homegrown' Live from a Chicken Coop
It's been a week since Neil Young released his long-lost Homegrown album, and in the spirit of his recent "Fireside Sessions," he's now shared a performance of the down-home title track from an unusual outdoor venue.

For his "Barnyard Edition" of "Homegrown," Young picked up the acoustic guitar and took to a chicken coop, playing through the song for an audience of feathered friends.

The comments section of the charming clip finds plenty of comedians cracking wise about how Young continues to impress the chicks, while others point out how lucky those animals are to receive the stripped-down performance. You can watch the video below.

Outside of work on Homegrown, Young has recently joined the masses calling for changes to policing, and has made plans to officially release a series of concert bootlegs.