Yanni and Laurel Halo Weigh In on Ongoing "Yanny or Laurel?" Debate

Yanni and Laurel Halo Weigh In on Ongoing 'Yanny or Laurel?' Debate
As if the internet wasn't already enough of a divisive hellscape, an audio clip emerged online earlier this week, splitting public opinion in a way not seen since the "What colour is this dress?" scandal of 2015. As people continue to argue over whether the clip says "Yanny" or "Laurel," a couple of celebs who share those names have weighed in on the great debate.
New age legend Yanni predictably landed on the side of "Yanny" — though he didn't quite agree with the spelling of the meme.
Laurel Halo, meanwhile, got defensive against those who weren't teaming on the side of her namesake.
Plenty of celebs with other names have also weighed in on the inane and seemingly endless argument. See what side they landed on down below.
And for what it's worth, head over here to try and hear it both ways.