Yellowcard Sue Juice WRLD for $15 Million

The pop-punk group claim the rapper ripped off their song "Holly Wood Died"
Yellowcard Sue Juice WRLD for $15 Million
Chicago rapper Juice WRLD has had an impressive run so far in his relatively brief career, but one of his biggest hits could have hit a snag thanks to a lawsuit from pop-punk act Yellowcard.

According to Billboard, the band has filed a $15 million USD lawsuit against the rapper, claiming that his hit song "Lucid Dreams" copied melodic elements of their song "Holly Wood Died" without their permission.

In addition to Juice WRLD, the members of Yellowcard have also named co-writer Taz Taylor, producer Nicholas Mira, BMG Rights Management, Grade A Productions and Interscope Records.

They also cite an interview where the rapper expressed a love for Fall Out Boy's Under the Cork Tree, which was produced by Neal Avron. Avron also produced Yellowcard's "Holly Wood Died."

Listen to the two songs below and decide on the similarities yourself.